ortant. Because life doe

ortant. Because life doe

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    I’m Important” is a philosophical prose written by Bi Shumin. Reading Bi’s text stems from his calm, elegant and philosophical language. I like her work very much. Reading her “I’m Important” can be said to have benefited me a lot. Our generation is different from the education and experience of life. They only need to be humble when they are in trouble. Over time, they have a tendency to be inferior Parliament Cigarettes. I never thought in my heart that it was important to be in this world. Not even dare to say the phrase “I am important”. Reading the “I’m Important” by Teacher Bi today, I can’t help but feel ups and downs, and the long-lost passion for life is ignited again. Is it important for people in their thirties to look back? It can be said that I always think “I’m not important” in my mind, and I often want to see who is missing from the earth’s sentient beings. It never fails to realize the importance of myself, but today I changed this Thought, I want to say aloud: I am important. I am the only daughter of my parents, the only daughter-in-law of my father-in-law, the only mother of my son … With so many uniques, can I say that it is not important? After reading the work, I could n��t wait to pick up the phone and dialed the phone number of the two elders on both sides. At the end of the phone, I felt that my father and my mother were fighting over the phone. Let me listen Online Cigarettes, let me listen! “Oh, one of my voices and greetings, they are all regarded as the fruit of life, can I still say that it is not important? At the other end is the father-in-law who has been working hard. When I heard my greetings, a young man’s voice came from Ma, and he cared for us with great care, as if he was not tired at all, but we were tired. I know. His old man was afraid that we would not rest assured that we would worry about him. Dropping the phone, I burst into tears. What else to say? I’m important. I often give myself reasons to say that my work is busy, I have less time to go home, and time is short. However Cigarettes For Sale, even in brief encounters, my parents always ask me about my work and living conditions, and I always prepare everything for me. This kind of food and clothing, although he is the mother of the child, he is still the eldest child of the parents. Looking back, I now know that my every move and every action is in my parents’ heart. My laughter blends into my parents’ joy, and my tears affect my parents’ sadness. I am the shadow of my parents, and my parents. Each of us is like a drop of water in the sea, it looks insignificant, but it is very important. Because life doesn’t just belong to you. Just as Teacher Bi stated in “I’m Very Important”: Important is not a great synonym, it is the promise of the soul to life. People often judge whether we are important from the perspective of successful careers. But I would like to say that as long as we work hard at all times and fight for the light, we are living very importantly and thank Teacher Bi, I must say bravely and proudly: I am important<br/>Related articles:<br/> Cigarettes Online
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