The golden wind

The golden wind

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    The golden wind picked up, and the white dew was zero. The yellow leaves are falling, and the roads are scattered. The leaves tell people that autumn has come. Although there are some sorrows and lamentations, there are also heavy gains. Are the childhood sweethearts in the spring safe in the fall of life? Remember the vows we wrote for autumn? ����I am willing to hold your hand, leaning on the hillside where the leaves are falling, running our children in front, letting the sun shine on the body, watching the blue sky in the distance, several geese flying over, we Looking at the direction of the family together, tired, sitting on the grass, it is so old. Nowadays, it is not you who are dependent on me. In the harvest season, I think you should also take off the fruits of love ed. Old people always like to talk about the past when they are old, and they are used to repeating. At home, I have to listen to her for several hours in the past, before I can really do my own thing, even though I have been familiar with the things she said. And I think this may be one of the few ways that their generation can find communication with us. I don’t like summer all the time, even though the summer sky is bluer and clearer than any season. But the hot weather still makes me want to bury the station, the crowd is black and pressed, like a myriad of ants walking around, the temperature of the ground turns the air into a heat wave, sweeping in the crowd. I sat in a cool corner watching this scene, like a confrontation about a time. I saw the phone and called again. “When are you coming?” I asked. “It’s time, it’s time to come.” The other side has a perfunctory tone. After waiting for a long time, the old man finally came. He looked around and looked around, and finally his eyes fell on me Cheap Cigarettes. And smiled to come to me. That was the first time I went to my brother��s rented house, and my heart was nervous and embarrassed. – Because the feeling of being under the feand taste their bitterness or sweetness. Your affection and let it disappear with the falling yellow leaves, buried in the autumn soil. In the summer, the flowers have been against the wind and rain, helpless. Perhaps because the flowers are too smashed, the bee butterflies are rushing to dance Marlboro Lights, attracting the wind and rain, ruthlessly hitting the body, making the flowers tremble, almost died, how eager to have someone cover the wind and rain for the flowers, warm it to the bleak The heart has no results. Everything depends on the flowers themselves, and they survive the storm. In this autumn, the flowers are gone, and the fruit granules carrying life are displayed under the autumn sun, giving hope. People often say: “Chunhua Qiushi”, spring and autumn, have distinct personalities in the four seasons of life, forming a stark contrast, spring is publicity, autumn is steady. Summer is just a process of growth. On the road of growth, there are winds and rains, muddy, and smooth roads. Winter is keen on collecting, collecting the romance of spring, the glory of summer, the maturity of autumn, turning himself into a thick book Newport 100S, no matter how cold outside, enjoy a glimpse, and experience the beauty of the book alone. In the years to come, in the four seasons of life, it has already reached the early autumn season, and the green scorpion has faded away, leaving behind the illusion of maturity and stability, and no longer able to find the sky Carton Of Cigarettes. Say goodbye to the age of dreaming, just like the grain of the ears, the harvested Shendian is so low that he thinks about the meaning of life and looks back at his life. In the four seasons of my life, I only like autumn. In the autumn years, I have the family’s tie. I know that people can’t just live for themselves. They think more about their families, and their lives are enriched Cigarettes For Sale. I became practical and found the direction of struggle. My heart is no longer arrogant. Roland once said: “The process of life is destined to be agitation to peace, from erosion to dullness, and all emotional excitement will eventually pass. Blanking, if you love life, you should not be afraid to taste the fruit of the autumn of life, taste the taste of life, and sing the true triumph of life.<br/>Related articles:<br/> Newport Cigarettes Coupons
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