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Buchholz Relay Test Bench

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    Hydraulic Type Buchholz Relay Test Bench
    Model: RELAYSTAR-WS400

    Power transformer is very important in power system electrical equipment. In order to ensure the reliable operation of transformer, multiple fast protection devices are installed, such as buchholz relay, backup protection, differential protection. Buchholz relay is an important executive component of gas protection. But for a long time, due to the detection equipment fall behind and neglect of buchholz relay test, leaving serious hazards for power grid security.
    RELAYSTAR-WS400 Buchholz Relay Test Bench is a newly designed test and calibration equipment for buchholz relay. This test bench can simulate buchholz relay action mechanism inside transformer when internal faults occur. A new generation of high-precision sensors embedded control and measurement technology is adopted, test the buchholz relay’s flow velocity value and action gas volume value accurately.
    The hydraulic drive compacting mechanism is adopted for RELAYSTAR-WS400 Buchholz Relay Test Bench, which makes relay installation easily.

    Main Features
    Advanced structure principle:
    Advanced design and theory optimization of pipes structure, high resolution 24-bit digital sensors, advanced data acquisition card and field bus and latest ARM control technology and policy analysis. These realize the break of high precision measurements.

    Various flange adapter:
    Special design, easy to change and stable measurement make the console can test different types(Φ25,Φ50,Φ80) of relays with high precision stably.

    Volume measurement:
    Ingenious design of volume barrel, special designed pressure sensors and precise algorithm make sure the real-time volume measurement accurately. The resolution of volume measurement is 2ml.

    Flow velocity measurement:
    Ingenious pipe structure with flange adapter, special designed flow velocity acquisition system make it possible to measure different type of relays precisely. The resolution of flow velocity measurement is 0.01 m/s.

    Sealing performance measurement:
    Using an air compressor to simulate the pressure inside the relays to measure the sealing performance of the relays through the proper design and distribution. Combining the manual and intelligent interruption together to pause the operation before the danger happens, which guarantee the operation safe.

    Stable performance:
    Cluster bus layout, proper data acquisition card and control lines distribution layout make the console good EMC and anti-interference performance and make sure the device works well under harsh environment.

    Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission:
    Hydraulic propulsion and compression structure achieve full automatic pipeline drive and convenience of relay installation.

    Open transparent protection cover large-sized and automatically:
    The whole environment of the measurement is visible through the transparent cover, which makes it intuitive to judge the performance of relays. Solid structure, and open and close automatically assure the operation safe.

    Large-sized color screen and beautiful interface:
    Windows operation system, 15 inches color LCD, IPC mouse and keyboard, network communication, colorful graphical operation interface and real-time help system, intuitive simple operation. It can test all projects automatically and view, analysis, save, and print the results.

    Technical Data
    ◆Flow velocity measurement

    range: Φ25: 0~4.1 m/s
    Φ50: 0~3.1 m/s
    Φ80: 0~2.1 m/s
    minimum resolution: 0.01 m/s
    accuracy: ≤0.1%

    ◆Gas volume measurement
    range:0~999 ml
    minimum resolution: 1 ml
    accuracy: ≤0.1%

    ◆Sealing performance measurement
    range:0.20 MPa, 20~120 minutes
    minimum resolution:1 KPa

    ◆Test medium: all kinds of transformer oil
    ◆Power supply: nominal input voltage AC380V(power:5KW)
    ◆Working temperature: -10℃~+60℃
    ◆Outer dimensions: 2200×750×1400mm(L×W×H)
    ◆Net weight: 220kg

    Hydraulic Type Buchholz Relay Test Bench RELAYSTAR-WS400 is applicable to test and calibrate domestic and foreign models of various types of buchholz relays.Buchholz Relay Test Bench

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